So I recently got addicted to selling my stuff on Gumtree. For those of you who don’t know what Gumtree is, it’s an Australian site where you can buy and sell second hand stuff from furniture, clothes or even your car. I have decided before I buy new decor for my living room, I need to sell everything else to pay for it! Although I am a Gumtree novice I have had great success so far. Here are my 4 easy steps to selling your stuff on Gumtree!

1. Create your account…safely!

When you register your details on Gumtree, you can either link to your Facebook or Google account to stream line things. I  also chose to only have my account under my first name. You will then be asked to enter your location (so buyers know if you are close to them). Don’t feel like you need to put your full address in for the world too see! It’s perfectly fine to just put in your general area or suburb. Then you can privately message your full address to individual buyers when needed.

2. Take Great Photos

Buyers scrolling through Gumtree are way more likely to click on an item if the photo looks appealing. It’s a pretty obvious tip but there is SO MUCH stuff listed on the site that it’s important to make your ads stand out. I take all my photos on my DLSR but portrait mode on your iPhone looks pretty great too. Make sure you photograph the items in a well lit room or in front of a window and try to minimise any clutter in the background. If you want to take it one step further, try styling the item like you would see it in a shop! Number of photos is important too, try to never have less than two or three pictures of an item – the more the better!

An example of a recent add I posted for my old coffee table which sold within 4 days:



3. Clear Title and Description

When creating an ad you will be asked to provide a title and description for your item. Your title should be short but still include a describing word. For example, I wouldn’t just write ‘Coffee Table’, instead I would write ‘Industrial Style Coffee Table’. It sounds more appealing and gives buyers a reason to stop scrolling and look at your ad.

The description should be short but let people know the important details they would want to know. What condition is the item in? How old is it? Why are you selling it? Is the price negotiable?

4. Payment

Don’t just assume people will rock up to buy your stuff with the correct cash. Make sure to let your buyer know how you would like to be paid before hand, just to avoid any awkward situations when they turn up to collect the item and want to use pay pal and you don’t have an account. It’s up to you how you do it, cash is always a safe option but if you want to bank transfer make sure they send you the receipt or a screen shot of the approved payment before they actually take the item home with them!

Good luck with your Gumtree endeavours and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions in the comments if you are struggling to sell your stuff! Register for an account here.