Our bedroom is the one room that I haven’t really given much attention. This is probably because it has a bright green feature wall (impossible to style around)  and since we are renting, I hadn’t got approval to paint…until now! As usual, I am feeling all the neutral tones, not to mention everything from my mood board is from Kmart so it’s budget friendly! Feel free to shop the links below!

  1. Quentin Quilt Cover Set – King Bed $42
  2. Jute Rug $45.00
  3.  Marble Side Table $29.00
  4.  Artificial Snake Plant $25.00.
  5.  Scandi Shoe Rack $35.00
  6. Chain Knit Throw $25.00
  7.  Seagrass Tall Basket $14.00
  8. Egg Pot $12.00
  9.  Cotton Braided Ottoman – Beige $29.00
  10.  Harley Cushion – Tan $8.00
  11.  Large Round Mirror $29.00
  12. Ceramic Diffuser – Vanilla & Pear Scented $7.00
  13.  Quilted Cushion – Lead $15.00

If you have used any of these products to style your bedroom, leave me a comment down below and let me know how you did it!