It’s amazing how much your environment and surroundings can affect your productivity, energy and even creativity. This is why it is so important that your ‘space’ is not just a reflection of you but also somewhere that inspires you and helps to keep you motivated!  

Colour Palette

Choose this wisely! I find neutrals like white, grey and blush tones to be the most calming and help me to keep a clear mind when I need to put my head down and write a new post. This is going to be different for everyone though so if you find bright, bold colours inspiring then you do you!

Your Desk Space 

This is going to be the key piece in your space! You are most likely spending a lot of time behind your desk so it’s important that it is inspiring and not distracting. I keep my desk very minimal and clear of clutter, I find it so much easier to think when I haven’t got a mess in front of me!


This is going to be a huge help in keeping your space uncluttered. Whether it’s a chest of draws, shelves or cupboards, the most important thing is that they have purpose and are a tool for you to keep organised! If everywhere has a place then you won’t have to worry about wasting time ‘looking for that thing’ when you have work to do.

Personal touches 

There is nothing more inspiring than filling your space with things that you love! Your favourite candle, some flowers, pictures of your loved ones or quotes that help to keep you motivated! Have these things close by to help you feel passionate and this is what really makes the space YOURS.














I cannot stress how important this is, especially if you know you have few hours of work ahead of you. A good chair is key, something that is a comfortable height to support your back. You might also consider a foot rest to elevate your feet slightly (especially if you are a small person like me). I like keep a throw rug near by if it’s cold and I always make sure I have a big bottle of water (and maybe a coffee too) next to me while I work. I find when I make sure my set up is comfortable, I am way less likely to make excuses to get up and therefore am faaaar less distracted.






Noise Level

This is going to be different for everyone. I personally need it to be quiet when I work, no music or outside distractions so I can keep a clear mind. For some people, soft music or white noise helps them stay productive so figure out what works for you!


These tips can apply to any space whether it’s a room in your home, your desk at work or a corner of your bedroom. Just remember that your space should be a reflection of your personality and be inspiring to YOU! For links to any of the products featured in this post, simply click the image!