Buying a home is one of, if not the biggest purchase you will make in your life. For most of us that means you need to save a lot of $$$ (especially first home buyers). I’m trying to get my home deposit and I want to help you get yours! I’ve researched some budgeting apps that just might help…

Pocketbook // App Store Rating: 4.3

This is the main app that Phil and I have been using to keep track of our spending. You connect the app to your bank account & it has the ability to sync with multiple banks! This means you can combine your app with whoever you are saving with (and keep each other accountable). It features built in categories such as Groceries, Rent and Fuel but you can customise it to your expenses and it can even recognise any recurring payments. Every transaction is entered under a category and the app can devise a pie chart to clearly show you where you are spending the most money. Not only that, but it calculates any incoming funds (such as your pay) VS outgoing expenses to give you a clear indication of how much you are actually saving each week.

Numbers // App Store Rating: 2.8

I don’t think it’s 2.8 star rating is a true reflection of the app, it received a whole heap of bad reviews after it’s most recent update. The update caused a lot of people to lose their previous data soooo they were petty mad and rightly so. That aside, the actual app is very simple to use, even if you struggle to wrap your head around numbers. The app provides you with a range of personal finance templates to get you started. That way all you have to do is choose one and customise it. I have all apple devices which means the app will sync with the program on my MacBook. I can then enter data from both devices and it will update itself. Think of Numbers like a really easy version of Excel, you have the ability to create spread sheets, graphs, loan comparison sheets & savings timelines, all of these can assist you with your savings!

Online Banking (I use NAB) // App Store Rating: 3.0

This one is pretty simple but probably the most important. Depending on which bank you are with, the apps will differ, but easy access to your online banking is key. I probably don’t need to tell you this but make sure everything is password protected! Also be cautious using a banking app when connected to free wifi networks to avoid your account being hacked. So when I get my pay, no matter where I am I can transfer money into my savings account straight away. This is so much better than starting to spend your money and putting away what’s left, its super effective!

Let me know if you guys have any great money saving apps or even tips to stay on top of your finances, leave a comment below!