Ahh homewares, my favourite thing to shop for. After having received some gift vouchers for Christmas I thought I better put them to good use, off to Westfield I went!

Kmart Find No. 1.  Jute Rug

Instagram: our_styled_home

 I’ve had my eye on this rug for the past month but sadly it has been out of stock online and at my local Kmart 🙁 Today was my lucky day, I found it at Westfield Tea Tree Plaza and it’s now happily featured under my dining table.

Kmart Find No. 2 Grey Ottoman

 This one caught my eye because of the surprisingly great quality. At only $29, it’s extremely soft and not to mention structured internally  so it won’t sag or dip in the middle after use!

Kmart Find No. 3 Harley Cushion (tan)

The cushion everyone has been talking about, I thought I was above this one but apparently I’m not! I finally caved and picked one up for myself, how does Kmart make everything look so stylish and it’s only $8??

Bed Bath N’ Table Find Ruffle Chenille Throw (cream)

 The sale signs got me in the door but naturally the item I chose was not on sale. This gorgeous rug is so soft and luxe. The sales woman must have read my mind because she made sure to mention how great it looks in instagram pictures (how did she know me so well)?

Total in gift vouchers = $150

Total excess spent = $29.95  

HOT TIP: If you are super in love with interiors but trying to stay on a budget, ask for gift vouchers for Christmas and Birthdays, I got a lot today but only had to spend a little!

Leave me a comment below with your favourite homewares shops, I’m always on the lookout!