Kmart has some great stylish & affordable storage solutions if you are looking to up your organisation game (who isn’t?). Our rental has great space for storage but I really want to organise our belongings a little better rather than throwing everything in a draw or cupboard!

Large Tapered Canister – $7

These canisters are too cute to hide in the pantry! I thought it’s the perfect size to put my protein powder in and will look stylish on the kitchen counter.

Small Tapered Canister – $5

The smaller version would be perfect for sugar & coffee!

3.8L Cork Top Bottle – $7

Ive seen these bottles used for homemade almond milk but really they could store anything like muesli, powders or even mixed nuts.

3 Tier Shelf – $5

This would be perfect to organise your spices in the pantry!

Medium Push Close Container – $7

My goal would be to have heaps of these lined up on my pantry shelves and throw away all my boxes and packets! They would also be great for left overs to store in the fridge.

I’ll keep you guys updated on my organised kitchen on my Instagram!