My partner and I are trying to save for a home of our own one day but while we do, we are renting (ugh). I have so many interior dreams that can’t come to life just yet! Styling a rental can be hard, there is so much you can’t do and you aren’t exactly living in your dream house just yet, so you don’t want to commit to any big purchases incase they won’t work long term. Here are some things you can do though:

Work with the style of the house not against it:

Our house isn’t modern or new and that really conflicts with my aesthetic. Naturally I wanted to introduce warm tones with modern furniture (like my parents house) but something wasn’t working because the house was too classic. I went to Pinterest for inspiration and looked at rooms with similar features to ours e.g. white walls, warm glossy floor boards and classic style cabinets. I quickly found a whole new aesthetic that I could get on board with!



No big furniture purchases: 

There is no point in trying to buy a fabulous new dining table or the perfect couch for your rental if you don’t plan on being there too long. Instead you can try a cute coffee table or some updated dining chairs to give the house a fresher look. Try to keep everything affordable aka shop at IKEA or Kmart, the furniture might not be the highest quality but it’s not a long term investment so it doesn’t really matter. You can also have the same approach when it comes to couch cushions and throw rugs when you need a change!

Decide on your colour palette:

Make sure you know which colours and tones you like before you start decorating, otherwise you might find you come home with a bunch of things that don’t go together. Tying into my first point,  make sure the colours you choose to feature are complimentary to your home especially if you don’t have permission to paint the walls. Personally there are certain rooms I have to ignore this rule due to the bright green feature wall in the master bedroom (face palm).

Add plants:

Plants make the biggest difference! No one will judge you if they aren’t real either (mine aren’t). Having plants or flowers around is a great way to incorporate colour and fill empty spaces. Plants = adult home.


If your house is small, mirrors are a great way to make it feel bigger. There are so many styles of mirrors so it won’t be hard to find some that suit your home and they can actually make it look more expensive. If you don’t have the option to hang anything on the walls because you can’t drill a hole, you can always be super trendy and lean it against the wall (I have done this above my fire place and it looks great)!

Small signature pieces:

This is the easiest and most affordable way to dress up your house and make it more homely. Things like candles, vases, succulents, oil burners and picture frames can add a personal touch and make your home look more styled and put-together. Try to keep everything cohesive and extra points if the decor has a purpose! Cute jars for storage is a good example of this, they look great on the kitchen counter but are functional as well.






Just make sure to remind yourself that your rental is never going to live up to the expectations on your dream home but that doesn’t mean to you can’t put your own personality and style into it. If you are every struggling for inspiration I would highly recommend jumping on Pinterest! I am always pinning interior inspo and you can check out my page here 🙂